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We provide the opportunity to have a deeper reconnection with nature, her magics and her flowing energies. We offer excursions where we are able to put in practice a new way of watching, perceiving and understanding Mother Nature. We also offer workshops which combine hiking with teachings and exercises to make the most of the energies we meet at different places.

We love nature and Mother Earth. We believe people must get back to her, reconnect to the power within and to the healing energies flowing through her. «Rutas Mágicas» has created a series of journeys for people who want to have a different experience with nature, a different approach and a different interaction with the energies and beings dwelling in her.


  • Hiking in beautiful places in the nature while paying attention to our sensations.
  • Visiting and taking advantage of sites with great energetic power.
  • Learning how to start experiencing nature in a completely different way.
  • Recognizing the presence of Keepers in the nature and learning the kind of work they do.
  • Learning when, how and who you should ask permission to.
  • Starting to understand some codes of the language of Mother Nature.
  • Learning how to let ourselves flow and ‘be guided’ through areas away from paths.
  • Recognizing when a particular space is energetically clean and trying to feel it.
  • Learning how to make nd work with the different energies we encounter.
  • Learning how to improve our awareness, our sensitivity and our capacity to visualize.
  • Visiting ancient archeological sites to work with the legacy of our ancestors.



We offer two different sets of programs: Excursions and Workshops, both of them take place in the nature

Excursions are basically hikes where meaningful lessons and simple exercises are given along the journey. The main purpose of these outings is to transcend our experience and our relationship with nature. We teach how to recognize the hidden language of nature and see the unseen. Simple exercises for awakening our senses or rising our awareness can also be part of the excursion.

Workshops also take place in the nature and involve hiking to a particular area in order to get some teachings, work with the energies we encounter and take advantage of their properties. Several exercises are always performed such as practicing with visualization, deeper inner works to heal ourselves, or simple reinforce our inner balance. A notable time for meditation is usually included in the workshop.

Majorca is a perfect destination for «Rutas Mágicas». We have plenty of choices to visit beautiful spots with pristine energy which invites us to stay there and explore the possibilities. We have  also all over the island mysterious and impressive remains from very old ancestors (The Talaiotic culture ) which gives this island’s aura the connection to our origins. What a perfect scenario for a retreat program, a one-day activity, or a completely different set of holidays.

«Rutas Mágicas» offers excursions and workshops either for individuals or small groups.  For large groups  we can also organize special programs.

Contact us and get ready to reconnect.